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Christie’s Paris: Derniers souvenirs de Ferrières

The exceptional results of the "Masterpieces Rothschild" sales that just took place in New York demonstrated the perfection of the collection of Baron James de Rothschild and his descendants at the Château de Ferrières. In each of these pieces, a unique décor through which styles, eras and continents are juxtaposed, confronted, enriched and mutually revealed in permanent eclecticism and indescribable harmony.

Shrouded in damask, brocade and velvet, two completely different styles meet in their ostentatious magnificence: the Renaissance and its enamels, earthenware and bronzes, as well as an exceptional collection of cameos, glassware and jewels, form a Schatskammer on a par with that of a Saxon Elector! and the furniture of the Grand Siècle, raised to an art in its elegance and richness. A vibrant summary of the Grand Goût Rothschild: overabundance the opulence of the meeting between the Renaissance and the Grand Siècle.

Christie's Paris Invitation to the Conference: Derniers souvenirs de Ferrières with Jean Louis Gaillemin

Conference: Derniers souvenirs de Ferrières with Jean Louis Gaillemin

Christie's Paris offers over 400 lots over two sales, Derniers souvenirs de Ferrières and Les Greniers de Ferrières, taking place live on November 16 and online from November 7 to 21.

Collectors and connoisseurs alike will have the opportunity to indulge their dreams with pieces ranging from the 16th to the 20th century. Antique sketches and paintings, ceramics and silverware, furniture and jewelry, as well as modern and post-war paintings and sculptures: four hundred reasons to give in to temptation!